Broadband in Northern Loudoun County


Project Update: 02/25/2021

NOVEC is proud to support All Points Broadband with its efforts to extend fiber-to-the-home broadband service in Loudoun County.

After the initial project announcement, All Points and NOVEC received a very strong response from Loudoun County residents, include those living inside of the initial project area and residents of other currently unwired areas of the County.  Based on this enthusiastic response, All Points began working to expand the project area in order to connect even more locations at a substantially lower customer contribution level. 

The new fiber-optic network will leverage excess capacity in NOVEC’s proprietary fiber-optic network—NOVEC built and uses the 333-mile network to efficiently monitor and manage aspects of its 7,400-mile electric infrastructure.

Eligible NOVEC customers in the project area have been contacted by mail and encouraged to pre-register online. While expanding the project area has lengthened the development timeline, we anticipate that this will result in fiber to the home to more currently unwired locations at a lower customer contribution level.

More information will be posted to All Points fiber-to-the-home website over the next few weeks as discussions with Loudoun County continue. In the interim, we encourage you to share with your friends and neighbors so that they can add their addresses to our project scope. 


Fiber Expansion Poster Map