Broadband in Northern Loudoun County


NOVEC is supporting All Points Broadband with its efforts to extend fiber-to-the-home broadband service to more than 1,000 homes in northern Loudoun County. The initial locations targeted for service are within or adjacent to NOVEC’s service territory. Those sites do not currently have access to fiber-optic, gigabit-capable broadband.

All Points will design a new fiber-optic network that leverages excess capacity in NOVEC’s proprietary fiber-optic network. NOVEC built and uses the 333-mile network to efficiently monitor and manage aspects of its 7,400-mile electric infrastructure.

Eligible NOVEC customers in the project area will be contacted by mail and encouraged to pre-register online. Doing so allows All Points to evaluate demand and determine whether construction of the last-mile fiber network can proceed. If there is sufficient customer demand, All Points will commence construction in early 2021. Interested consumers should pre-register their locations and subscribe to project updates at:

Fiber Expansion Poster Map