Customer Service Representative - ESD

Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC) is looking for a Customer Service Representative who will perform analytical, financial and reporting functions within the Electric System Development division.  This role will cover the full lifecycle of construction work requests and job orders from initation of work requests in an Oracle-based work management information system (WMIS) through post construction as-built reconcilation.


Essential Job Functions will include, but are not limited to:

  • Securing required information from customers/developers to initiate work requests for new underground/overhead electric installations, relocations, conversions, retirements and street lights.
  • Completing various analyses necessary to create new service locations and customers in NOVEC’s CIS to facilitate commencement of billing upon installation of service and ensuring job site readiness prior to release to construction.
  • Plan, monitor, adjust and prioritize the schedule for construction of work requests and SOC Board job orders to facilitate completion of the work promptly and cost effectively.
  • Reconciling contractor invoices, conducting as-built processes and processing meter installation data into the CIS system to ensure new facilities are correctly posted to NOVEC’s continuing property records, entering into NOVEC’s GIS mapping system and accurate customer billing is commenced.
  • Performing financial functions including administering post construction invoicing for adverse trenching and backfilling as well as performing payroll time entry for construction staff involving analysis of crew timesheets to ensure conformity with collective bargaining agreement provisions.


Education and Experience:

High School Diploma or GED is required.  An Associate’s degree in Business or Finance is desired.

A minimum of two years of previous experience is required.  


Knowledge, Skills, Abilities Required:

  • Ability to secure information regarding requests for new or upgraded service from customer, developers or internal staff members, analyzes request for each service location to determine type(s) of electric service required, determine applicable electric service tariff, correct local district and associated Distribution Engineering designer and initiates appropriate work requests(s) in Oracle-based work management information system (WMIS).
  • Ability to analyze a design-finalized work request engineering drawing and staking sheet to verify that the work request is complete, review job with Distribution Engineering designer and then distribute to NOVEC job site inspector assigned to territory.
  • Ability to research and verify service location information in ESRI GIS mapping program and local government real property database including determining subdivision, tax and NOVEC Board district, substation circuit(s) which will serve location and then creates service location(s) in Daffron customer information system (CIS).
  • Ability to research required county inspections and monitor receipt of CIAC payments required prior to creating connect service orders in CIS. Upon verification of receipt of required approvals, creates connect service orders utilizing the appropriate rate code for billing the customer, tax district, NOVEC Board District, setting up new customer accounts, verifying customer credit ratings.
  • Ability to prioritize components of the construction work to be completed and coordinate with electricians or representatives of other utilities required to be on-site during construction, completing or updating tasks in WMIS and ARM scheduling web portal.  Advise contractors and/or NOVEC crews if all requirements have been met for new services to be metered.
  • Ability to determine and verify locational coordinates for excavation work and creates required Miss Utility ticket(s) providing both written instructions and highlighting excavation area on Miss Utility online maps.
  • Ability to review work assigned to contractors and NOVEC crews, documenting the status, estimated completion dates and workload quantity to balance the the cost of contractor or NOVEC crew overtime against additional mobilization costs. Redefine construction deadlines and work for more efficient use of contractor labor and reduction in additional project costs where possible.
  • Ability to reconcile invoices  by analyzing invoices and staking sheet for completeness and re-calculating invoices utilizing as-built data entered into WMIS verifying contractor invoice compatible unit totals and pricing matches WMIS Webscripts reports.
  • Ability to analyze meter installation information verifying meter and ERT number(s) in CIS for newly constructed services and processes information into WMIS and Daffron CIS systems in accordance with strict timetable to ensure accurate initial billing.
  • Ability to perform payroll time entry for assigned construction staff into Lawson Time Management System and serve as backup for entry of time for other team members or their proxies in their absence or as dictated by workloads.
  • Ability to conduct WMIS audit processes utilizing Webscripts reports  to investigate problems impeding the progression of work requests through division work flow processes  and addressing issues by directing problems to the appropriate personnel for resolution tracking.


NOVEC does not provide sponsorship for this position.

To get started on this great opportunity, please send your resume with salary requirements to:  

NOVEC is an equal opportunity provider and employer.