Beware of Scammers


By phone:

NOVEC warns all consumers to be alert to any suspicious callers who claim to represent NOVEC, and demand immediate payment by phone. Please call customer service at 703-335-0500 or 1-888-335-0500 to verify your account information after receiving a suspicious call or text message, even if the number that appears on their phones It's NOVEC.

In the last few years NOVEC has received a number of reports of phone-scam attempts. So have other utilities and businesses throughout the nation. Several reports to NOVEC have come from people who live in Maryland and West Virginia-far from NOVEC's service territory.  

At Home:

All staff and contractors of NOVEC are required to carry identification at all times. If at any time a representative of the Cooperative arrives at your home, please ask him to identify himself properly as a NOVEC employee. This will protect you from those people who try to pose as representatives of the company.