Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC)

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Recognizing a NOVEC worker

NOVEC employs a number of different teams, both employees and contractors, to do the work necessary to install and maintain your electric service. Here are some helpful tips so you can safely verify that the people in your area or on your property are indeed doing work on behalf of NOVEC.

NOVEC has a new rate for electric vehicle owners

The NOVEC Board of Directors has approved a new rate for electric vehicles under a new Virginia law that allows electric cooperative boards to implement a voluntary rate for their customers.

Tree Trimming Season = More Reliable Power

When trees contact live wires, they may become conductors of electricity, causing outages or creating dangerous situations for anyone nearby. NOVEC works hard to maintain its rights of way near overhead lines to provide safe and reliable electrical service.

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As reliable as...

With a 99.99% rating, the electric service you receive from NOVEC is as reliable as traffic jams, tourists and cherry blossoms. NOVEC’s power shines among the best in the region.

Our Commitment to the Environment

NOVEC is distributing more renewable power today than ever before, and it is using energy more efficiently and helping customers to do the same. In all endeavors, from facility construction to office paper use, NOVEC keeps protection of the environment in mind.

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