Apply for Service

If you are applying for service where facilities do not exist (e.g. newly constructed home), go to New Construction Installation for more relevant information. If you are applying for service to a house, apartment or other structure where the electrical facilities are already in place, please select one of the following:

Start New Service

New Customer? Apply for service here.

Transfer Service

Existing customers transfer electric service to a new location.

Stop Service

Current customers who would like to end electric service with NOVEC.

Transfer Service Request

Whenever a change of occupancy or legal responsibility takes place on any premises, notice of such change must be given to NOVEC within a reasonable time prior to the date of such change. Failure to do so may result in the departing customer being held responsible for all service supplied until such notice has been received. Keeping the Cooperative informed of address changes is also necessary so capital credit checks may be mailed to the appropriate address.

Stop Service Request

If you wish to stop your service, please call the NOVEC Customer Care Center at 703-335-0500.

Temporary Service

Provisions can be made to provide temporary electric service for customers who have a need for it. Service connections for carnivals, festivals, street decorations, construction purposes, etc. are examples of such needs.

If you require a temporary service connection, please contact the distribution engineering department at 703-754-6750, extension 6750, or via e-mail at to schedule an appointment with a designer to discuss the electrical requirements.

If you require the electrical service to be disconnected to relocate the service, make repairs to interior wiring, add additional electrical load or for other reasons not related to the nonpayment of the account, please call 703-392-1643, extension 1643.

An appointment will be scheduled with a service technician to disconnect the service. Once you are ready to have the service reconnected, contact the System Operations department to schedule an appointment with a service technician to perform the reconnection.

Membership Fee

Your first bill will include a one-time, refundable fee of $1 for membership in the cooperative and a nonrefundable $40 fee for service connection. You may reach the Customer Care Center at 703-335-0500, Monday through Friday, from 7:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Security Deposit

A security deposit of up to $300, if required, will also be included on your first bill. The deposit may be paid in full on the first bill, or in three monthly installments. The security deposit will be an amount not to exceed an estimated two months usage. The Cooperative pays interest as determined by the State Corporation Commission annually on each security deposit retained longer than 90 days. The security deposit is refunded if your account remains in good standing for 12 consecutive months or will be extended by any deposit installment agreement. The refund is shown as a credit to your account on the 13th bill or will be extended by any deposit installment agreement. If a customer terminates service and membership before the 13th bill, the deposit plus interest and the membership fee will be applied to the final bill.

View the Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative's Terms and Conditions for Providing Electric Service (PDF)

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