Power Supply

At NOVEC, we’re focused on expanding our renewable energy portfolio and reducing our carbon footprint. The electricity we purchase from the PJM wholesale energy market includes wind, solar, and other renewable resources. Our power supply team is exploring innovative ways to incorporate even more renewables into our energy portfolio each year, including the 49.9 megawatts NOVEC generates at its Halifax County Biomass Electric Generating Facility, 6.7 megawatts it acquires from a Gas-to-Energy Project, and the more than 9 megawatts it receives through customers participating in its rapidly growing net metering program. 

NOVEC is a supply and distribution electric cooperative that purchases wholesale power through a combination of bilateral contracts and market purchases within the PJM marketplace — PJM coordinates the movement of wholesale electricity in 13 states and the District of Columbia. NOVEC's long-term energy strategy is to deliver to its customers a locally controlled energy supply that is reliable, environmentally responsible, and competitively priced.


NOVEC Resource Mix (2023)


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