Budget Billing Program

levelizedbillingchartNo Surprises

Budget billing prevents drastic changes in your bill, even during the coldest or hottest months of the year. A budget bill averages the previous 11 monthly bills and the current month's bill for a service address. See below for examples of how budget bills are calculated.

No Settleup

Because the budget billing amount is recalculated each month based on a rolling average, the need to settle up balances annually is eliminated. Reconciliation of your account will be necessary only if you move or decide to stop participating in the program.

Join Anytime

If NOVEC has been providing electricity to your service address for at least one year and your account is current, you are eligible to participate in budget billing. We will simply calculate your budget payment based on the average billing for your home. Call 703-335-0500 to sign up today.


To arrive at your budget billing amount, NOVEC adds your current month's use to your previous 11 months, then divides the total by 12. It is then rounded to the nearest dollar. 


The example below shows a customer with an electric heating and cooling system installed in their home.

Actual Billed Amounts

February *current month 255.93
January 528.76
December 459.06
November 157.12
October 72.20
September 119.57
August 171.73
July 118.49
June 80.95
May 70.29
April 77.96
March 83.93



Budget Billing Amounts

February *current month 229.00
January 187.00
December 161.00
November 87.00
October 82.00
September 82.00
August 86.00
July 99.00
June 91.00
May 83.00
April 93.00
March 85.00



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