Security and Streetlights


Security Lighting

Security lights are an additional safety measure you can use to protect their property.  Upon request, NOVEC can install a security light on most existing poles on a customer's property.  Monthly light fees (fee will vary depending on light) will be included on your monthly NOVEC billing statement.  To schedule an appointment to review your security lighting options and get pricing information, please contact Distribution Engineering at 703-754-6750. 

NOVEC LED Security Lights are Dark Sky Friendly

In response to numerous requests from customers and county requirements, NOVEC installs only security lights that are "dark sky friendly." This means that the new security lights help cut glare, reduce sky glow and eliminate wasted energy dollars. These new lights do a better job of aiming light only where it is needed - on the targets of safety, security, and visibility, not up into the sky.

Unless a specific request is received from the local governmental body to use our old-style lights, NOVEC will install only security lights that are designed to be "dark sky friendly". In addition, customers can pay a fee to have their existing security lights replaced or retro-fitted to be "dark sky friendly".

LED Security Lights

EPTT Open LED lightOutdoor LightOutdoor Light with RefractorLED_light_fixture

  • Better color rendering
  • More consistent light distribution
  • Improved visibility for drivers and pedestrians
  • Energy and maintenance savings
  • Learn more about LED lights


Streetlights can add a "home town" feeling to a subdivision or public roadway. NOVEC offers various styles of streetlights that can carry out the theme of your subdivision and brighten the roads for others. Since the lighting benefits the general public and residents of subdivisions, streetlighting is available to county governments and homeowner associations only.


If you wish to inquire further about the installation of a particular light, please call 703-754-6750 to schedule an appointment with a designer.

To report an outage or damage to an existing streetlight, click here.

For more information on upgrading or installing streetlighting, please contact the distribution engineering department at 703-754-6750, ext. 6750, or via e-mail at

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