LED Lights

Why choose LED lights? LED_light_fixture

LED streetlights offer improved visibility along with additional savings and energy efficiency. 

LEDs offer:

  • Better color rendering
  • More consistent light distribution
  • Improved visibility for drivers and pedestrians
  • Energy and maintenance savings

LED lamps distribute light at a much sharper, defined angle than HPS lamps, which tend to have a broad, less controlled light distribution. Additionally, LEDs consume less energy and are a greener choice for the environment.


Contact Us

For additional information on streetlighting and pricing options, please contact the distribution engineering department at 703-754-6750, ext. 6750, or via e-mail at disteng@novec.com

If you wish to inquire further about the installation of LED lights or one of our other lighting options, please call 703-754-6750 to schedule an appointment with a designer.

To report an outage or damage to an existing streetlight, click here


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