Net Metering

Solar Panels on homeWhat is Net Metering?
Net metering allows NOVEC customers with solar power systems to feed excess generated electricity back into the grid. Simply put, many solar customers produce more power than they would typically use during the daylight hours; therefore, net metering provides an outlet for them to export this excess power to their utility to offset their future electric bills.

How it works
Once the installation of a net meter is completed, NOVEC is able to measure the excess energy produced that comes back to NOVEC. NOVEC does not measure the total production. Energy that isn’t immediately used by a customer can then be applied to offset future electric bills. In Virginia specifically, customers tend to produce more energy in the Spring and Fall, and less energy in the Winter and Summer.

In Virginia, the State Corporation Commission has regulations for governing net-energy metering in place.

Getting Started
For more information about Net Metering and to get started, please email

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