Net Energy Metering Existing and Remaining Capacity


This information is posted pursuant to NOVEC tariff NEM-10 — effective July 1, 2021.

NOVEC System Peak Calculation (Based on 2021 Data)

 NEM-10 Net System Peak:      1,015 Megawatts


Net Metering Capacity Limit Pursuant to Tariff NEM-10

Cap Percent (%) Megawatts (MW)
Total Residential Capacity 2.0% 20.290
Total Nonresidential Capacity 1.0% 10.145
Total Nonjurisdictional & Nonprofit Capacity 2.0% 20.290


Current NEM Connected Load Installed (in MW of Connected Load)

Capacity  Megawatts (MW)
Total Residential Capacity Installed 8.597
Total Nonresidential Capacity Installed 1.123
Total Nonjurisdictional & Nonprofit Capacity Installed 0.645


Capacity Available for New Installations* (in MW of Available Capacity)

Capacity  Megawatts (MW)
Total Residential Capacity Available 11.711
Total Nonresidential Capacity Available 9.022
Total Nonjurisdictional & Nonprofit Capacity Available 19.645




*The financial conditions related to installing net metering equipment or entering into third-party net metering purchase power agreements could change over time. Variables include, but are not limited to, power market conditions, NOVEC rate level or rate structure changes, regulatory rule or statutory changes, and/or the contract terms of the net metering system or third-party power purchase agreements.