Board of Directors

Seven elected Cooperative members, who each represent a defined geographical district, serve on NOVEC’s board of directors. They, in turn, hire a president/CEO to manage the daily operations of the company.

According to the Cooperative's Bylaws, members elect two or three directors each year by plurality vote to serve four-year terms. A nomination for a board director may be made by a petition signed by 15 or more members and submitted at least 70 days prior to the annual meeting date. Current board officers and directors are:

Board of Directors

Wade House Wade C. House
District 5
Term Ends - 2024
James Chesley James Chesley
Vice Chairman
District 3
Term Ends - 2025
Michael Ragan Michael E. Ragan
District 6
Term Ends - 2025
Mark Bruno Mark Bruno
District 4
Term Ends - 2024
Brent George
  Brent George
District 2
Term Ends - 2027
Skip Albrite Skip Albrite
District 7
Term Ends - 2025
Cynthia Gilbride Cynthia Gilbride
District 1
Term Ends - 2026
David Schleicher
David E. Schleicher



Members may contact NOVEC’s Board of Directors regarding topics related to the bylaws and other governance-related matters, and the annual meeting of members.

Board of Directors

Cooperative Bylaws

NOVEC's Bylaws are written rules adopted by the Cooperative to govern its members and regulate business matters. We encourage all customers to read the bylaws and feel free to ask any questions concerning them.

View the NOVEC Bylaws (PDF)







More Information

For other questions or for general information about the Cooperative, you may call the NOVEC Customer Care Center, Monday through Friday, from 7:45 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. at 703-335-0500, or contact us online.

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