Letter from NOVEC President and CEO - June 2022

June 2022

June marks the start of the summer season. Warmer days, vacations, and picnics all come to mind, but June can also bring an increased risk of powerful thunder and lightning storms. At NOVEC, safety is our top priority, no matter the time of year. We prepare early for the unexpected weather events that often occur throughout the summer months, ensuring we have the proper materials, equipment, crews, and contractors available, so we are ready to respond to any situation.

As you make your plans and preparations for summer, I encourage you to build your own emergency response kit for your home. Your kit should include nonperishable food items, bottled water, a flashlight with fresh batteries, and a rechargeable power bank battery for cellphones and small electronics — anything you might need while our crews work to restore power. We also ask you to log in to novec.com and ensure the phone number listed on your account is up to date. This will expedite outage reporting and power restoration by allowing us to instantly verify your account when you call or text NOVEC.

Storm events can also cause momentary outages or “blinks” of your electric service as NOVEC equipment operates properly to isolate a sustained outage. If you work from home or rely on power for your job, you may want to consider investing in an uninterruptible power supply (UPS) or battery backup that can provide power should you experience any type of outage. For customers who require power for medical reasons, using a backup generator can be a great way to power essential equipment during the outage restoration process. If you decide to purchase a portable generator, please remember to read all safety guidelines, always run it outdoors, and work with a qualified electrician if you connect it to your home’s electrical system. Our team at NOVEC Solutions is available to help you determine which generator is right for your home or business. You can reach them at novecsolutions@novec.com or by calling 703-392-1503.

Learn more about home backup generators, storm preparation, and safety tips on novec.com or by contacting our customer care center. By planning ahead, we can all help our families, neighbors, and community stay safe. Have a great summer!


Best Regards,

Dave Schleicher




Dave Schleicher, NOVEC President and CEO

NOVEC President and CEO Dave Schleicher