Letter from NOVEC President and CEO - May 2022

May 2022

When I joined NOVEC in 2017, I quickly realized why it was a leader in the electric utility industry. Board directors, management, and staff members alike were equally committed to providing the highest quality service to our customers. Their dedication was evident from the daily activities of individual employees to company-wide initiatives. Today, I am humbled to step into the role of president and CEO at NOVEC, and thankful for the opportunity to lead this dedicated group of professionals.

A key part of NOVEC’s mission is to provide reliable, safe power at an affordable price. For 23 consecutive years, NOVEC has been the most reliable electric utility in the Washington, D.C., area.

Our record on safety is outstanding. Whether navigating the daily hazards associated with supplying electricity or facing extreme conditions during and after storms, we make the safety of our employees and customers our top priority. NOVEC’s electric system has benefited from tremendous load growth over the past two decades. This growth has helped us maintain steady rates while building a robust infrastructure of substations and power lines. Moving forward, we anticipate continued load growth, integration of distributed energy sources, and increasing expectations for the electric grid from our customers. I am confident our diverse and highly skilled workforce will meet these challenges head-on.

Customer expectations for energy information and account management are also evolving. In the coming year, we will deliver improved energy-saving tools and online payment options. We are also deploying an advanced metering system that will allow us to detect outages faster, perform routine operations remotely, and provide you access to detailed energy use information on novec.com. The new system will help minimize NOVEC’s environmental footprint by reducing the truck mileage required to manage and read meters.

As we look ahead, I am excited about NOVEC’s future and being a valued partner in what lies ahead for our communities, customers, and employees.


Best Regards,

Dave Schleicher




Dave Schleicher, NOVEC President and CEO

NOVEC President and CEO Dave Schleicher