Loudoun County Service Center

Loudoun County Service Center Coming Soon

In order to better serve Loudoun County, NOVEC is building a new service facility on a parcel of land along Evergreen Mills Road. The new building is conveniently located within NOVEC's Loudoun County service territory. Nearly 85 percent of NOVEC's 33,000 Loudoun County customer-owners are within a 5-mile radius of the site. 

The new service center has been designed to improve the responsiveness and efficiency of service for our Loudoun County members, as well as those in Clarke County. The project site is located on a NOVEC-owned parcel, containing substations separately owned by NOVEC and by Dominion Virginia Power. 

The new NOVEC service center will include:

  • A main office/warehouse building
  • Two covered parking areas for NOVEC work vehicles
  • Facility for vehicle and minor vehicle maintenance
  • Storage yard for electric system materials;transformers, cable and wire reels, and poles

There are two major components to the development of the facility: the site work and the building construction.

The site work began in September, 2015. Much of the grading process has been completed, which required the removal of many of the native trees along Evergreen Mills Road. When the grading process is complete, NOVEC will have a landscaping plan in place to restore trees and vegetation to the site. The plan will include a wide buffer of a variety of canopy and understory trees and shrubbery. 

Building construction is anticipated to be completed in mid-March, 2018 (weather-dependent).

Contact us with any questions regarding the Loudoun County Service Center.

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