Emergency Generators

Owning a generator can give customers piece of mind when operated in a safe, responsible manner. Please see our page on generator safety for important information on how to do so. While NOVEC has consistently been the most reliable electricity provider in the region over the years, we understand some customers may want to use a generator from time to time. NOVEC Solutions is available to assist should you have any questions or be considering the purchase of a generator.

For complete information about an emergency generator that best fits your needs please email novecsolutions@novec.com or call locally 703-392-1503, ext. 1503.


Emergency Generator


Emergency Generators

Electricity is essential 24 hours a day. That means weather-related electric outages prompt both households and businesses to investigate back-up power supplies for use in an emergency.



Stationary GeneratorStationary Generators

Stationary generators are installed next to your home or office building and are a reliable permanent independent power source. Portable generators can be a convenient option at home, the office, or anywhere you have a need for electric power.



Transfer Switch
Transfer Switches

Transfer switches ensure a safe disconnection from utility equipment when a generator is in use. A special switch is used to transfer a building's wiring from normal to a standby power source. The switches (double-throw devices) are designed to prevent a home generator's feedback from passing through electric utility lines and transformers. These switches must be properly installed by a licensed electrician to prevent possible injury to NOVEC personnel or others working on the system when the power comes back on.


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