Wood Chip Mulch

Tree limbs and branches removed from trees during routine line maintenance activities are chipped up for removal from the site. This chipped material is loaded into dump trucks which each carry approximately 8-20 cubic yards of material. This chipped material makes good “mulch” for wooded areas, high erosion areas and tree circles.

A typical dumped load of wood chip mulch is 8-10 cubic yards

Tree limbs are chipped for easy site removal

NOVEC contractors give this material away on a first come, first serve basis in areas where they are currently working. To request wood chip mulch, please use our email form.

NOTE: Requesting wood chip mulch does not guarantee a delivered load of wood chip mulch. Contractors can only deliver wood chip mulch as a courtesy to NOVEC customers when we are actively working in their area. If you have not received wood chip mulch within several months of your request, please update your request. 

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