NOVEC utility lines and related facilities are located within a utility right of way, a designated area on private property that is recognized by a legally binding agreement called an easement. Easements are filed within the public records of the county and allow the utility to install, maintain, and improve its facilities. Easements also place certain restrictions on the landowner. Please remember that when you become a NOVEC member, you agree to adhere to the NOVEC owner's manual and requirements pertaining to right-of-way maintenance within an easement. There may also be specific language within the easement document pertaining to right-of-way maintenance. A sample NOVEC overhead and underground easement can be viewed from the following PDF links.

Overhead Easement Agreement (PDF, 153 KB)

Underground Easement Agreement (PDF, 153 KB)

For more information on easements, contact NOVEC at 703-335-0500 .

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