Ready to go solar?




Finding an Installer

Before you begin the process of installing solar panels on your home, our system metering department recommends contacting several local solar installers. You may want to ask vendors about installation time, equipment options, energy production potential, etc. Once you've selected your local solar installer, NOVEC can coordinate with them to install a net meter. NOVEC Solutions, a NOVEC affiliate, can provide you with a recommendation for a local solar installer if you are in need of assistance.

Installing a net meter

NOVEC customers installing solar power systems will need a net meter. What's a net meter? Net meters allow NOVEC customers with solar power systems to feed excess generated electricity back into the grid. Energy that isn’t immediately used by a customer can then be applied to offset future electric bills. In Virginia, the State Corporation Commission provide regulations for net-energy metering.

Walking you through the process

Once you've chosen a vendor, you or your selected solar installer will need to contact our system metering department. For more information about Net Metering, click here.