The policy decisions made by our elected officials, whether in Washington or Richmond, have the potential to either help or harm your Cooperative in a multitude of ways. Your family's monthly electric bill can be significantly affected by these decisions. Even during these economically volatile times, when uncertainty about the future abounds, NOVEC strives to provide you affordable and reliable electricity.

But, we could use your help.

Cooperatives and their members do not have endless sources of funds for advocating and sponsoring those causes of importance to us. In some cases, like the pole-attachment-fee battle in 2010, Virginia's electric cooperatives faced stiff opposition from well-funded national cable television companies with nearly unlimited resources at their disposal.

Fortunately, we have a resource that money cannot buy, and that is your loyalty and support.

You, the member-owners of NOVEC, are our biggest asset.

Your ability to become engaged and active in issues that affect you, your family, and your Cooperative can help make a difference in Washington and Richmond. It is our responsibility to help educate and inform our elected officials as they cast votes that have lasting effects on our community.

We pledge to keep you informed and aware of these issues, so that when the time comes, our elected leaders can hear from us in a unified voice. This month, in partnership with our statewide association, NOVEC is launching a grassroots campaign to enlist its members in this effort.

If you have an interest in learning about, and being an active participant in the political issues that impact your Cooperative, we ask that you join NOVEC's Action Network.

Here's how you can do it:

Involvement is very easy and there is no cost. By signing up, you'll receive occasional updates from NOVEC on key issues, and periodically we'll call on you to take action at crucial times when we issue an ACTION ALERT. We appreciate your support and hope you'll consider enlisting in NOVEC's Action Network.