Ways to Save Energy

Saving energy in your home!

American homes use 38 percent of U.S. electricity and produce 21 percent of the nation's carbon emissions, according to the Building Performance Institute. One-third of American homes are at least 45years old and many need to be remodeled with new energy-saving appliances and building materials to conserve energy use and reduce the nation's carbon emissions. In addition, many homes built after 1963 were not constructed with energy-saving building technology.

Everyone has the power to reduce energy use. You'll find a number of tips in this booklet (PDF) and on this page to help reduce your energy usage. Start today with a few simple changes you can make around your home, including updating to energy efficient lighting.

 Visit the Energy Resource Center! 


Energy Resource





For more information about saving energy and money, contact NOVEC's  Energy Services Department locally at 703-392-1503, or email energyservices@novec.com.

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